Michael Weilert, MD is a well-respected and recognized pathologist and Medical Informatics consultant who works in Clovis, California, a suburb of Fresno. However, when he isn’t working, Dr. Weilert is an avid sports follower. A Kansas City native, Dr. Weilert is a huge fan of all Kansas City-affiliated sports teams, namely the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas Jayhawks.

Kansas City Chiefs
A decorated helmet for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Compared to a lot of other football teams, the Kansas City Chiefs are relatively new, only being founded in 1960. Originally the Dallas Texans, after three years they moved to Kansas City, where they have remained ever since. During the 1960s, the Chiefs were an extremely successful franchise in the American Football League, winning three league championships and having an excellent AFL record. Unfortunately, however, since their 1970 Super Bowl victory, the Chiefs have yet to win or appear in another championship game. However, that hasn’t discouraged their fans, including Michael Weilert, who faithfully follows the team every football season.

The mascot for the KU Jayhawks getting fans ready for a big game.

An alumnus of Kansas University, Michael Weilert is an avid fan of his alma mater’s basketball team, the Jayhawks. Founded in 1898, it is the oldest and one of the most successful programs in college basketball. The first coach of the Jayhawks was James Naismith, who invented basketball back in the early 1890s. Ironically, Naismith is the only coach in the Jayhawks’ history to have a losing record. Many notable players and coaches have emerged from the Jayhawks, and ESPN ranks them as the second most prestigious college basketball program (only behind Duke).

While many people just enjoy listening to music, Michael Weilert prefers living it, creating music on his computer, with the digital audio workstation Logic Pro. Logic Pro provides software instruments, synthesizers, audio effects and recording facilities for anybody interested in doing music synthesis. This has allowed people across the world to create high-quality music in their own basements; indeed, it’s no coincidence that shortly after the release of Logic Pro, independent music became suddenly much more accessible and prevalent in American culture.